Rent a motorcycle in Cebu city

Our available motorbike (call at +63 917 385 3917)


Rider 150cc

Daily Rate: 600 PHP
Weekly :   3000 PHP
Monthly :  8000 PHP


Yamaha Sniper Mx 135cc Manual

Daily price:  500 PHP
Weekly price: 2800 PHP
Monthly Price: 8000 php


Suzuki sky drive 125cc  fully automatic

Daily price:  500 PHP
Weekly price: 3000 PHP
Monthly Price: 10500 php

We have also other scooter and motorcycle to rent, just send us your request and will find you one. Cebu rental motorbike is now available on if you planing to book online you can visit

Things you should be careful going to Bantayan

Beautifull place

Beautifull place

Hi in the post  i will just talk how row experience me traveling from Cebu to Bantayan.  I had scooter Mio 125cc i full my take in the city. left the city 12.30pm after non. it was alot of trafic in the city. well as soon getting out of the city road my clear and open. some places the road was broken

some road are broken so you have to care full

some road are broken so you have to care full

some places on the read are under construction

some places on the read are under construction

you can easly find the map on the google and once you are on the north road then there no turn. just fallow the road.

i had 4 letter gas tank. i put gas around 130php . on the way to hagnaya port i put 1 letter gas again. I arrived to the port and then they charge 580 for the scooter and 45 for CI fee or what ever they call it. Then 20 paso for Terminal fee.

Thing now you shoud be care full. They asked me extra 185 or around 200 Php to put the scooter on the ferry. I said i will drive my self and i did it. they were all angry at me. I told them for what i should pay i drive my self to put my scooter on ferry. They had no aswer and same thing happend when i arrive to the island  i had big argue with . they were asking for money for no reason . Bringing the scooter down from the ferry. i said i did not get any one help . i did not pay.

What i will say that you should get on roro or big barge. so you do not have to face this problem.

After arriving the island it was easy to find the beach resort. i had booked online my first night AT NORDIC IN .it was good place the price i paid 900php staff was  very good.

The night time went to eat and found a really good place i cant rember the name but it is 2 big resturent in the main street. you will find it. food cost me 250php but it was really good.

Next day stay at the beach went around the island on the scooter and found an other beach resort which was really good.

Paid 1400 and had really nice break fast this resort is left side from the port. and it is quite inside it might be tricky but you will find it. it is own by  Danish guy. they had really good staff and food. I loved there room. They were really nice . good each few.

This is the front gate

This is the front gate

This cost 1400 it had aircon warm water

This cost 1400 it had aircon warm water

Then put the scooter back and drive to cebu . hole trip takes 6 hours bu scooter. it is so much fun on the scooter then bus. love it.