How much it cost to bring Motorcycle from Cebu to Camotes Island?

The first thing you need to have a motorcycle. That save a lot of money and time. If you do not have own motorcycle. Rent a motorcycle First. The normal daily Rental rates are between 500 to 700 Php.
You can also get something for 400. It is depends which motorcycle you will rent. To find a closet available motorcycle/scooter owner visit You can rent a motorcycle from local people.

Exploring the Philippines on 2 wheels
Now once you have a motorcycle you need to put a gas. The gas will cost you around 200 PHP, it also depends how much you travel on the island. In my case it costed me 200.
How long it takes to get Danao Port
It is depend where you live in Cebu, if you live in the center of Cebu city. It will takes you around 45 mints. If it is traffic it can take 1hr 20 mints. It is a high way and a lots of traffic. Once you pass Liloan you are out of traffic. Total distance 34.2km
The RO-RO ticket for Motorcycle

This is RO-RO. Port of Camotes Island
It cost 500 PHP for the bike ticket, 5 PHP terminal fee, 22 PHP RO-RO wharfage fee. Total 527 PHP just to bring the motorcycle across the island. The 527 include the driver price so you do not have to pay for yourself.

It cost 180 PHP for individual Economy class

500 PHP for motorcycle
Break down
Rent a motorcycle in Cebu city: 500 PHP
Gas/Patrol:                                        200 PHP
Ro-Ro (ticket with terminal fee): 527 PHP
Ro-Ro (coming back to Cebu): 527 PHP
Total travel cost: 1754

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