Cebu Rental Motorbike call us(+63 917 385 3917

Cebu Rental Motorbike is a scooter, motorbike, rental service Provider. we have motorbike on rent such low as 300php. Prices are different from each model of motorbike and scooter. We are  one of the  motorbike rental in the Cebu City area. Our business is legal and we are registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Cebu City. Upon  request our certificate will be produced for your inspection.We also have a Business Permit granted by Cebu City Hall which permits us to rent out motorbikes to the general public

Where are we located?

we are located right in the center of cebu city, our locatation address in 527-L A tormis street. How to get here. The best and easy way, wold be take a taxi  from any where in the city, Tell the driver to drop you urgello street, South Western university. Once you are here its 1mint walk would advice you to text us or call for pick up. Contact at +63 917 385 3917

Send SMS on the number

The best way to reach us. Send an SMS.

 what Motorbikes do we offer 

We got great verity of different motorbikes and scooter, we offer Fully-Automatic, Sami-Automatic, and Manual motorbikes10923292_10153117798277500_6027307146813249882_n

JR 125cc is fully Automatic Scooter, it is the best choice of the customers. Most our clients loves to rent fully automatic scooter. Cebu has become crowded and populated. It is fun to drive without shifting gears.




Cebu Rental Motorbike like to share the story if our customers, there travel experience in Cebu, We have every day new Clint’s, It is great to know there trip Stories, How much it made for them fun by traveling on the scooter.

What do we provide with motorbike ( Private Insurance)

Each motorbike comes with one helmet, it has basic insurance, which mean it will cover third party damages. every motorbike comes with basic insurance. We also offer private insurance in case you might get in to accident, and get injured, our private insurance will cover your hospital bills (it is limited  amount). you have to ask for it and it has extra charges beside the regular rates.

How does the insurance works

If you pay for personal insurance, and you get damages, first you have to pay the damages. we will refund you once we receive from insurance company. your deposit will be use. if you made a damage which can not be fix you will pay the amount of the motorbike unit.

if you do not avail the private insurance you will have to pay all the damages. if you hit or injured other person you will be the one libel for your actions.

you must have driving licence which says that you can drive motorbike for you to avail insurance benefits


Mr kim and Cebu city

Mr kim, one of our Customer

Mr. Kim is business man from Korea, who came to Philippines to start a business. He rented the car from the airport but did not use, since the traffic in the city was not suitable. Mr. Kim decide to rent a motorbike and had great time in the city. He visited all the business contact person and finish his all meeting. Mr. Kim went back to Korea with great memories

For booking and rental prices (Click here)

Do you own a motorbike and what to have theft insurance 

Do  you own a motorbike, and would like to have personal insurance on your motorbike, which cover theft, personal injury, Motorbike damages, Third party damages, Guess what we have good news for you Cebu Rental Motorbike offer service, we work as agent and connect you with insurance company. All you need to do send us your total amount of your motorbike, and send us details of you motorbike. We get back to you with details. An estimated 50,000 PHP worth motorbike can insured in 2100 Paso.

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2 thoughts on “Cebu Rental Motorbike call us(+63 917 385 3917

  1. Thank you so much, Dom Degrazier and his friend has got 3 motorbike this morning. we are glad to have them our customer. We look forward to have them safe trip. for more information you are always welcome to leave comment on our side http://ceburentalmotorbike.wix.com/ceburentalmotorbike#!requirements/c1h6a

    and also see updates on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ceburentalmotorbike?ref=hl)

    This is the number you an call any time 09275615822


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